Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Rotations

I realize I am a little behind, but it has been a crazy few weeks with assessments and report cards :)  Our school is crazy big (11 Kindergarten Classrooms) so when we do things, we usually split our grade level down the middle.  We decided to do Halloween Rotations this year for the 1st time to give the students the opportunity to do different fun activities pertaining to Halloween.  For rotations, each teacher stays in her room and teaches the same lesson 6 times and the students rotate from room to room with the Teacher Assistant.  In my room, we talked about sorting on the SMART Board and then sorted a few Halloween shapes by kind.  I printed and laminated some basic sorting mats (by color) and the students sorted Halloween Rings.  Thank goodness for my wonderful parents - they sent in at least 1000 rings!!  Each student had a bag and had to sort them by color.  When they finished I asked them to sort another way.  At the end each student got to keep a ring for themselves, which they loved.  The other activities they participated in were: Halloween Bingo, Making a Jack-o-Lantern with bulletin board paper, musical chairs with Halloween Music (courtesy of Pandora!), Making a Spookley out of a graham cracker and orange icing and 5 Little Pumpkins in Spanish!  They enjoyed themselves and it was nice to work with other children for 20 minutes and send them on their way.  Thanksgiving Rotations are up next - I'll be making an edible turkey!  Here are some pictures from the rotations:

Ray'shawn, Nick and Katelyn showing me their bling!

Emily showing me her ring.

Hannah and Aaron showing me their rings.

Kameryn and a friend sorting rings.

 Katelyn and Nick sorting rings.

 Tristan sorting. 

 Making Spookley's - yummy!

 Putting icing on their graham crackers.

 Learning how to make a jack-o-lantern with bulletin board paper.

 Halloween Bingo!

Filling up their cards!

I am so thankful to work with an awesome group of teachers - I couldn't imagine things running so smoothly without them!

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