Monday, December 31, 2012

20% off Sale!

Happy New Year's Eve friends!  I hope you have a wonderful day of relaxing and good times with your families tonight :)  We are taking it easy here at the Payton house and spending time with each other. I was up late last night working on some goodies for my classroom.

We will be practicing the numbers to 20 this marking period, so I thought this cute little game would get my Kinders motivated to practice.  

I have also been working on a Winter Unit which includes Literacy & Math Centers, Writing Activities, Cooperative Group Activities, & Supplementary Activities.  Plenty to do for 2 weeks!  Check out the preview on the post to see all that is included!

If you want to stop by and scoop this game, unit or any of my other products up, they are all on sale for 20% off today and tomorrow.  I hope you can find something useful.  I am still working on a Winter Centers pack and will definitely be done by tomorrow, but hopefully tonight!  

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!!!!

Y'all!  I finally have 100 followers!!!  I have been inching close for a while, so I asked my TpT buddies to chip in some items for a giveaway.

If you win, this is what you will be getting:


Plus - Choose $15 in items from my store!!

That comes to almost $45 in freebies!! All you have to do is follow the directions below to enter.  The more things you do the more times you are entered!  Good Luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anyone doing The Mitten when they get back to school?  I whipped up these activities to do when I get back.  Stop by my store to grab it!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve...can you believe it?!  I will be working on TpT stuff/stuff for my class the next 2 days.  How about you??

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Break

Hey y'all!  I hope you have been enjoying your winter break (if you are having one that is!)  I have surely enjoyed sleeping in and spending time with my family.  We even made it out to have family portraits.  Cuties for sure :)

 I have had a lot of things to create on the brain, but I haven't had the motivation to create it.  Last night, I downloaded the iFont Maker app on my iPad and I am officially addicted!  I am already a font-a-holic, but with all the stipulations with fonts, sometimes I think it'd be easy to just have my own and so that is what I have done :)  I created 6 fonts and would you believe Kevin created one too??  It's super easy - go download it!

Before the break, I created these subtraction worksheets to use after the break, but I just got around to posting them.  If you need either, stop by my TpT store and scoop them up.

I have plans to create a few more things before we get back to work on Wednesday.  I absolutely have to take down these decorations at my house, which I am DREADING!  If you are on break, enjoy every second of it :) Promise to post soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today was the day for rotations. I got to hear the Polar Express 5 times and make bell necklaces with 100 kids.  As they were making the necklaces, I realized how annoying 20 bells are ringing at the same time, so hopefully their teachers didn't go over the edge when they got back to their rooms - haha :)

 Bingo in Mrs. McGregor's Room 

 Musical Chairs in Ms. Reel's room - love this sweet face :) 

 Making snowmen in Mrs. Mitchell's room!

 Making edible Rudolphs in Mrs. Biggs' room!

 Making bell necklaces with me :)

 One last present from me and Mrs. Domer and the Santa hats I forgot at yesterday's party :) 

 One last picture of us with the Christmas Tree before I took it down for the break!
And a silly one :) 

Thanks to Mrs. Domer for being the paparazzi while I made necklaces ;) I was surprised by Miss Z today (my wonderful intern from last year!) and when I asked her to stay for rotations, she said yes! She helped with all the rotations and a million other things on my to do list.  Tomorrow is a 1/2 a day and then a break for all!  I hope everyone enjoys the break!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Party

We had our Christmas Party today!  This morning I put the kids in big circle to open their gifts.  It was chaotic, but they absolutely loved it!  The best comment "OMG I love all these presents!!!"  Here are some pics of the madness.

We also learned about St. Lucia day in Sweden and my girls made St. Lucia Headwreaths and the boys made Starboy hats.  My kids love a hat and couldn't wait to wear them to lunch today.  Adorable!

This afternoon my wonderful parents came to help me set up for our party.  I decided to have a Gingerbread House decorating party this year.  I have never done it before, but I got a few tips from a pro.  Have you ever made a Gingerbread House?  The one time I did, the roof kept falling off.  I was pregnant with my youngest and wanted to scream obscenities  so in order to prevent that from occurring again in front of 20 sweet kinders, I took someone's advice and hot glued those babies together ahead of time.  GENIUS people!!  Who eats the house anyway? No one!  I neglected to read the directions, so the first house I put together I had to take apart 2 or 3 times, but by the end I was a pro.  We ended up with 4 houses and a train.  I put the students in groups of 4 with at least 1 parent and let them have at it.  Before they came in, we got all of the candies and icing out and put all different kinds out at each table.  The kids had a wonderful time and their houses were super cute :)

When we finished, we had a snack and watched a little Polar Express.  It was 430953405984 degrees at school, so I was busy trying to get cool in the midst of all that.  My students had a great day, but I have to be honest and say that I am thrilled the party and gifts are over.  Tomorrow we are doing rotations.  I will be doing the Polar Express story and the students are going to make a bell necklace.  1 1/2 days left until break, yipee!!

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