Sunday, December 30, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!!!!

Y'all!  I finally have 100 followers!!!  I have been inching close for a while, so I asked my TpT buddies to chip in some items for a giveaway.

If you win, this is what you will be getting:


Plus - Choose $15 in items from my store!!

That comes to almost $45 in freebies!! All you have to do is follow the directions below to enter.  The more things you do the more times you are entered!  Good Luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anyone doing The Mitten when they get back to school?  I whipped up these activities to do when I get back.  Stop by my store to grab it!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve...can you believe it?!  I will be working on TpT stuff/stuff for my class the next 2 days.  How about you??

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  1. I found your blog from your TPT thread. I am your newest follower. I am a second grade teacher and I love watching my students' eyes light up when they get a new concepts. I am also hosting a giveaway and would love for you to stop by and check it out. Happy New Year!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. Hi,
    I am a Kindergarten teacher, and I just love my kindergarten kids! Teaching is soooo much fun... as long as you make it fun! Congratulations on making 100 followers! That is awesome!

    Please come by and check out my blog if you get a chance!

    Karmens Kinders

  3. I teach kindergarten and LOVE it! Congratulations on 100 followers!!

  4. Congrats on 100 followers! I shared your giveaway on my Facebook page!

  5. I teach first and my favorite thing would be the children.

  6. Pre-K and K! My favorite part is when they learn a new skill!

  7. I don't teach currently, but I'm certified to teach PreK-5th grade! My favorite part about teaching is how many lives you can touch in a matter of days. It's amazing! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 100+ followers!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  8. I teach first grade - what I love most about teaching is seeing the light bulb click on when they catch on to something! :o)


  9. I teach Reading K-5 and I love my students

  10. I teach first grade and I really love how no two days are alike! You just never know what a day will bring. :-)
    Growing Firsties is co-hosting a Shout Out Linky beginning January 1st!

  11. I'm your newest follower! ...Congrats on 100 followers!! I hope to be at 100 soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your break!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  12. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! I teach 2nd grade and my favorite thing about teaching is the children! I love helping them to the "aha" moment and celebrating their successes! Teaching is challenging, but truly one of the most rewarding professions!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  13. I teach Kindergarten and love that I'm the first teacher they ever meet. It's also so rewarding to see how far they go from August to May.

    Kinder Kraziness

  14. I teach K-4. I love watching my older kiddos interact and help my younger kiddos.


  15. I love teaching Kindergarten because they are just precious! They love learning new things!

  16. I teach first grade and I just love being a teacher (I think the smell of school supplies is awesome, lol).

  17. I am a first grade teacher and I love all the materials teachers use: books, units, markers, crayons, borders, etc!

    1. OMG yes - I love a good school supply! My current favs are the papermate felt tip pens...LOVE!

  18. I teach literacy for grades 1-4.My favorite thing about teaching is to see the light bulb light up when a child understands something.

  19. I teach prek - 8th and I love seeing them enjoy what they are learning:)

  20. I'm a preservice teacher in Australia. I don't graduate until the middle of this year, so I'm not sure which grade I will be with - I have taught Year 2 and Year 6. I think there's something special about the banter you can have in the classroom with the older grades - they're starting to know who they are as people and seemed to keep me on my toes because they were more willing to say what they really thought about everything and anything. I think my favourite thing is learning alongside them - it brings a totally different perspective on things. I have a habit of getting swept up in the excitement of my own teaching, so I also love creating an environment conducive to learning (and my apparently dramatic streak). - Elle


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