Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today was the day for rotations. I got to hear the Polar Express 5 times and make bell necklaces with 100 kids.  As they were making the necklaces, I realized how annoying 20 bells are ringing at the same time, so hopefully their teachers didn't go over the edge when they got back to their rooms - haha :)

 Bingo in Mrs. McGregor's Room 

 Musical Chairs in Ms. Reel's room - love this sweet face :) 

 Making snowmen in Mrs. Mitchell's room!

 Making edible Rudolphs in Mrs. Biggs' room!

 Making bell necklaces with me :)

 One last present from me and Mrs. Domer and the Santa hats I forgot at yesterday's party :) 

 One last picture of us with the Christmas Tree before I took it down for the break!
And a silly one :) 

Thanks to Mrs. Domer for being the paparazzi while I made necklaces ;) I was surprised by Miss Z today (my wonderful intern from last year!) and when I asked her to stay for rotations, she said yes! She helped with all the rotations and a million other things on my to do list.  Tomorrow is a 1/2 a day and then a break for all!  I hope everyone enjoys the break!

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