Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Break

Hey y'all!  I hope you have been enjoying your winter break (if you are having one that is!)  I have surely enjoyed sleeping in and spending time with my family.  We even made it out to have family portraits.  Cuties for sure :)

 I have had a lot of things to create on the brain, but I haven't had the motivation to create it.  Last night, I downloaded the iFont Maker app on my iPad and I am officially addicted!  I am already a font-a-holic, but with all the stipulations with fonts, sometimes I think it'd be easy to just have my own and so that is what I have done :)  I created 6 fonts and would you believe Kevin created one too??  It's super easy - go download it!

Before the break, I created these subtraction worksheets to use after the break, but I just got around to posting them.  If you need either, stop by my TpT store and scoop them up.

I have plans to create a few more things before we get back to work on Wednesday.  I absolutely have to take down these decorations at my house, which I am DREADING!  If you are on break, enjoy every second of it :) Promise to post soon!


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