Friday, February 28, 2014

March Madness Blog Hop

March Madness Blog Hop  

 Let the March Madness begin!

This weekend a group of blogger friends and I have linked up for a fun March Madness blog hop and a $100 Buy Sell Teach Raffle!  Why?  Because we are excited about opening up new shops at Buy Sell Teach.

Never heard of Buy Sell TeachBuy Sell Teach is an on-line teacher store that sells educational materials for grades preK-12 grade for all subject areas. Each freebie offered in this blog hop is linked back to a store at Buy Sell Teach where you can download it for FREE!

As you hop from blog to blog meeting new teacher bloggers, be sure to enter the $100 raffle for a chance to win $100 dollars to spend shopping at Buy Sell Teach.  $100 will buy lots of great resources for your classroom!

  Raffle image

Here is the rafflecopter to enter on my page. If you are selected as the winner, I will forward your name into the 'Grand Prize Drawing' where you will have a 1/12 chance of winning the $100 BST Shopping Spree! But, as the winner of my Rafflecopter, I will also allow you to pick 1 item from my BST store for free!

Good luck!

Head over to Teaching with Nancy for another great freebie and another chance to win that $100 BST shopping spree! Happy Hopping!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Bright Math Ideas Blog Hop

Hey y'all! I am so excited to join some friends for another blog hop! I am always looking for good ideas and different ways to teach my little learners.   Hopefully you can find some ideas along the way!

Let's talk about Composing and Decomposing Numbers.  Am I the only who who said "huh?!" when I saw that goal for the first time?  I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into.  After lots and lots of research, I created a huge pack of activities to help my little Kinders compose and decompose numbers.

So what is composing and decomposing numbers? In a nut shell, taking 2 numbers to make another number.  Of course little learners need a visual, some type of manipulative to help them figure this out.  There are tons of manipulatives out there you can use.  We use cubes, 2 sided counters and even legos! 

To help my students understand, I provide them with the correct amount of manipulatives.  For this worksheet...4 red and 4 blue.  I used legos for this activity, but you could use something else.

Have them place the legos in the squares.  This way, they are sure they have the right number.  Then they can record the numbers for each color.

Finally, they color in the squares to match their problem.

Students continue working until they have found all the combinations.

 Another idea is to use these cut and paste sheets to find the combinations and then draw in circles on a domino.  I recommend using 2 different colors for this to show the breakdown.

Ready to try out these activities with your students?  
I'm so excited to offer them to you as part of a free sampler pack

If you like these activities and need more, you can grab my Composing and Decomposing Numbers pack from TpT for 190 pages of hands on learning activities and worksheets!

I hope you enjoy the activities with your students!

Would you like a chance to win the Composing and Decomposing pack? Leave a comment letting me know how to you teach this difficult task and I'll choose a winner on Monday! 

Ready for your next stop on the hop? Head over to Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten for another bright math idea and a freebie! 

Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

Poor Valentine's Day really got the shaft this year.  Due to all the snow days, delays and early releases...we are so far behind.  I decided that Friday, February 14th was going to be all about Valentine's Day fun.  (I have also decided to just let the lessons we've missed go and move forward!)

I don't like to call our functions parties, but there is always some learning, crafts and fun involved.  The kids really enjoy getting to do all sorts of activities and though it is a lot of work, it's pretty rewarding to see how much fun they had.

Decorating Sugar Cookies - Sugar Cookies, Vanilla Icing, Craft Sticks & Sprinkles

Valentine's Cards - Because who doesn't love glitter? 

Tissue Paper Hearts

Handprint Poem - Pure sweetness and a keepsake forever! 

Our Valentine's Bags 

Checking out our Valentine's.  I told them they could open one candy...what do you think most of them chose? FUN DIP! It was like a confetti party...with sugar.  How I do love these kids though :)

So glad we had a good time for Valentine's Day, but ready to start fresh on Monday with a little less excitement for a few days! :)  How did your Valentine's festivities go?

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

100th Day Finally Came

Oh the Winter storms this year...we missed 100th day...TWICE!  The snow finally cleared out and the 100th day finally came with a 2 hour delay on Thursday February 13th.  We had a ton of fun activities planned for the day, but it just seemed like there wasn't enough time in the day.  There was no recess and we had to call the Music teacher and tell her we couldn't make it because we were nowhere near finished...but we finally got all our 100th day activities in.

First up - we hid 100 Hershey Kisses around the room and had the students go on a "scavenger hunt" to find them.  They found the kisses and put them in a bucket and then we colored in the numbers on a 100s board.  I did this all at one time - next year I will probably only color a few in at a time...this was time consuming! 

We found them!
 Coloring in the numbers on the 100s board.  I had it on the board with magnets and that was a disaster because it kept I put tape under it and that was much better!
He was the lucky one to color in #100! :) 

100th Day Necklace - My intern decided to tape the string to the table so the fruit loops couldn't slip off!

100th Day Hats - 10 strips of paper, with  10 stickers on each...staple to the hat.  This was a DISASTER.  I am going to rethink this one next year...stickers gone WILD.

Painting 100 dots - This one is easy, simple and fast. LOVE it :)

100th Day Snack "Hiaku" - 10 items, 10 of each.  Another one I love! 

 All of this took a really.long.time.  But here we are at the end :) 

It was a crazy busy day, but all in all a fun and exciting day for all involved.  All these activities come from this FREE 100th day pack!  If you haven't made it to the 100th day yet or want to save it for next year.  Swing by and grab it :) 

When is/was your 100th day?

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