Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Anyone else plagued by what to get their kids for Valentine's Day?  I want to get them something cute and I can never find just what I want at the store.  I was at Walmart the other night and searched around for the perfect item and stumbled across some Valentine Blow Pops.  Blow Pops are fun because the kids are never allowed to have gum, so I grabbed them.  When I got home, I discovered they didn't have a card to go with them, so I whipped these up:

All you have to do is print on cardstock, cut it 4, punch a hole in the corner, and tape the Blow Pop to the back.

Simple right? You could also use these with Bubbles or Bubble Gum.  These are free in my TpT store so grab them if you need a last minute idea! :) 

What are you giving your kids for Valentine's Day?

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  1. These are so cute! I saw something on Pinterest for love potion #9 valentines. Koto laid singles an a bottle of water! Just need to make the tags. We're out for snow so that might be a snow day project today!


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