Friday, February 21, 2014

Bright Math Ideas Blog Hop

Hey y'all! I am so excited to join some friends for another blog hop! I am always looking for good ideas and different ways to teach my little learners.   Hopefully you can find some ideas along the way!

Let's talk about Composing and Decomposing Numbers.  Am I the only who who said "huh?!" when I saw that goal for the first time?  I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into.  After lots and lots of research, I created a huge pack of activities to help my little Kinders compose and decompose numbers.

So what is composing and decomposing numbers? In a nut shell, taking 2 numbers to make another number.  Of course little learners need a visual, some type of manipulative to help them figure this out.  There are tons of manipulatives out there you can use.  We use cubes, 2 sided counters and even legos! 

To help my students understand, I provide them with the correct amount of manipulatives.  For this worksheet...4 red and 4 blue.  I used legos for this activity, but you could use something else.

Have them place the legos in the squares.  This way, they are sure they have the right number.  Then they can record the numbers for each color.

Finally, they color in the squares to match their problem.

Students continue working until they have found all the combinations.

 Another idea is to use these cut and paste sheets to find the combinations and then draw in circles on a domino.  I recommend using 2 different colors for this to show the breakdown.

Ready to try out these activities with your students?  
I'm so excited to offer them to you as part of a free sampler pack

If you like these activities and need more, you can grab my Composing and Decomposing Numbers pack from TpT for 190 pages of hands on learning activities and worksheets!

I hope you enjoy the activities with your students!

Would you like a chance to win the Composing and Decomposing pack? Leave a comment letting me know how to you teach this difficult task and I'll choose a winner on Monday! 

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Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten

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  1. My kinder-bears love decomposing numbers. Their favorite way is to take the 'whole' and put together the 'part-part' with a cup and the given number inside. They say the Whole (sum), then they dump the cup and sort the 'parts' by the two colors of the counters.that are flipped up on their desk. We work on their flashcards at the same time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos, Kourtney! They make it so easy to understand the process.

  3. We have used dice and ten fram boards to help us eork on composing and decomposing number.

  4. I have some first graders who are struggling and this will be a great help! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I use egg cartons and Pom-Pom balls to teach my kids this concept!

  6. This would be a wonderful pack for my first graders to use. I have them use bear counters and mats.

  7. We use ten frames and talk about subitizing a lot! When they get to the point that they can look at a ten frame and tell me how many without counting we start composing and decomposing (still on the ten frame, with spaces in between). I also use base ten blocks and counters because its more fun when they can get their hands on something and count. Thanks for the chance to win your unit, I think your stuff is great :)

  8. I use a mat and unifix cubes and we move them together and apart. Also use ten frames.

  9. I pull out every single tool I can think one on each desk and do a "scoot" and they try many different tools. I teach 1st grade but would love to have this product, very much needed. Loved your sampler pack, and wish many could read your post. Especially those that are afraid of common make it make sense!

  10. I use egg crates. I cut them to 10 and have even found some organic containers that have 20 compartments.

  11. Let me count the ways! It's our first year to delve so deeply into numbers and I must confess I love it! Not every child has picked it up so quickly so we have done dominoes, cubes, life-size ten frames, magnetic ten frames, number bonds, the home-made addition machine with cups on each side where it runs into a basket and likewise the basket where it runs into two separate baskets.....I could go on forever. We've done manipulatives, worksheets, I've used the students! lol I'm determined that by the time they leave kindergarten, they will know how to compose and decompose numbers (yes, I've even compared it to garbage decomposing) with ease! Here's hoping! By the way, I'd love to add your pack to my arsenal that I call "We Can Sum Math Up and Then Take it Apart"...Such is our life in kindergarten! Love it!

  12. You name it, I've tried it! I love your worksheets that start with the concrete objects and provide a way for the kidlets to record and see what they are doing.

  13. We love using dominoes in our classroom!! By far my class's favorite activity is one called Shake and Spill. If we were working on the number 5 the students would each be given 5 2 sided (yellow & red) counters in a cup. They shake the cup and spill out their counters. Then they have to color in their answer sheet and write the equation of how many reds plus yellows equals 5. They love it and I love it because they understand the what and why of what they are doing.

  14. You name it, I've tried it! I love your worksheets that start with the concrete objects and provide a way for the kidlets to record and see what they are doing.

  15. can't wait to have my little Firsties practice this activity


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