Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

Poor Valentine's Day really got the shaft this year.  Due to all the snow days, delays and early releases...we are so far behind.  I decided that Friday, February 14th was going to be all about Valentine's Day fun.  (I have also decided to just let the lessons we've missed go and move forward!)

I don't like to call our functions parties, but there is always some learning, crafts and fun involved.  The kids really enjoy getting to do all sorts of activities and though it is a lot of work, it's pretty rewarding to see how much fun they had.

Decorating Sugar Cookies - Sugar Cookies, Vanilla Icing, Craft Sticks & Sprinkles

Valentine's Cards - Because who doesn't love glitter? 

Tissue Paper Hearts

Handprint Poem - Pure sweetness and a keepsake forever! 

Our Valentine's Bags 

Checking out our Valentine's.  I told them they could open one candy...what do you think most of them chose? FUN DIP! It was like a confetti party...with sugar.  How I do love these kids though :)

So glad we had a good time for Valentine's Day, but ready to start fresh on Monday with a little less excitement for a few days! :)  How did your Valentine's festivities go?

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  1. I enjoyed looking and reading about all your different activities you had set up. So cute!!! Do you have them set up like stations, and the kids just rotate to each one? What are the light blue circles at some of the tables? Is that their defined work space? And last, how did you get a white heart over their red handprint? Thank you ! You are so organized!

  2. Hey Pam! We did have them set up kind of like stations, but some took a little longer than others, so at their seat they had the tissue paper heart which was kind of like their transition activity. The light blue circles are at my guided reading table and they are dry erase dots (I got them on I use them to write sight words, names, letters, skill work etc. The heart in their hand came from a foam heart. Basically you paint the hand red (or whatever color) then you put a foam heart on their hand and then put their hand on the paper. We just had to wipe the foam heart off if it got paint on it with a baby wipe and used the same heart every time. :)

    1. Wow!! Everything is cute and 'Valentinesy' and thanks for answering my questions! I may just have to attempt doing this next year! Oh- the white foam heart you mentioned, it just stuck on the paint in their hand? Was it the ones like the stickers, where they just peel off the backing?

  3. Yep it just sticks to the paint on their hand. These particular ones weren't sticky..I got them at the dollar tree.

    1. Gotcha! Again, thank you! All of your Valentine activities were precious, and I bet the kids really enjoyed it!


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