Friday, February 14, 2014

Terrific Kids

All of my children are Terrific, but every week we choose a "Terrific Kid" and at our assembly every 9 weeks, those children get pinned on a lanyard provided by our PTA.  (Terrific Kids is a program sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.)  Anyhow, by the end of the year, everyone will have been chosen at least once, but some students may be chosen more than once.  The assembly is pretty cute.  We call out Perfect Attendance, Terrific Kids, Steps to Success and the kids sing a cutie little song.

Here are our Terrific Kids for the 2nd 9 Weeks.  Bless Ms. Moore for trying to get a picture of all 9 at one time...essentially impossible! 

We also won the Golden Foot again for getting the most steps on our chart.

  Our kids will do just about anything to get a step. (It's part of our character education program.  There are several kinds of steps...kindness, responsibility, good choices, and I can't think of the others at the moment.)  If a staff member sees the kids exhibiting one of those characteristics, they give the kids a "step" and they color it in a large foot when we get back to the room.  All the students get a treat at the end of the 9 weeks if we meet our goal.  One class gets the Golden Foot...yay for us! The kids were so excited! :) 

Do you have any incentives for students at your school? 

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