Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's "snow" cute!

Since we came back from Christmas break, we have been SUPER busy!  I am just about finished with assessments and I am SO impressed with how much my sweet babies have learned!  The kids were excited that the season changed over the break, so we have spent the past few weeks talking about Winter, arctic animals and snowmen.  Earlier this week, we interactively labeled a snowman I made as an example for a cooperative group project we completed today.  The students got in their cooperative groups and drew their "job" out of a cup.  I had printed out the word and the picture (differentiation at its best) of different parts of a snowman that they would be responsible for.  Each student had 2 parts of the snowman they were responsible for and 1 student had 3 (eyes, nose, and mittens - super easy!).  I pulled off all different colors of bulletin board paper and had it sitting on the counter for them to choose what color they wanted for each part.  The only thing that is consistent about them is the blue paper background that I cut to be the same size.  I gave them free reign with the paper and how they wanted to design each part.  Being a control freak, it just about killed me!  The room was chaotic and loud buzzing with busy students working on their parts.  They were all over the room in the floor with their large pieces of paper going to town.  They worked so hard and they were so encouraging of each other.  When someone had trouble with their part, their group members were right there to assist them.  I LOVE IT!  Forget the noise - these kids working together melts my heart!  When all was said and done, these snowmen were "snow" stinkin' cute!  I left out the part where I bribed them told them that if their snowmen were cute enough we would get to display them for the whole school on a nice, big, empty wall in the media center.  I'm pretty sure they want theirs to go on that wall! :)  On Friday, they are going to get back in their groups and label their own snowman and also write clues about their snowman.  Then we are going to post the snowmen in the front of the room and I am going to read the clues and see if we can pick which snowman goes with the clue.  Of course you know a cooperative learning activity wouldn't be complete without the paparazzi, so here are a few pictures of them working and the finished product.

 Aaron, Ray'shawn, a sweet friend, and Katelyn's Snowman
 Messiah, a sweet friend, Meredith, and Emily's Snowman
 Joshua, Tristan, Kameryn, and Amy's Snowman
 Nick, Eli, I'Dereis, and Karma's Snowman (This is possibly the cutest picture of these 4, ever!)
 Kevin, Brooke, Hannah, and Jyrah's Snowman (That little tiny head with that huge nose tickled me!)
 Ray'shawn gluing his pieces on the snowman.
 Hannah showing me her nose.
 Aaron busy working on the body for his group's snowman.
 Amy hard at work on a perfect circle!
 Nick and Eli
 Meredith making some arms for her snowman. (She traced her own arms - I thought that was cute!)
 Emily busy drawing one of her parts.

Kameryn and Joshua hard at work!

I love these free form cutting activities.  They show their personalities and always turn out cute!

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