Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Tasting

This past week we spent the week talking about Apples and Johnny Appleseed.  I snapped a few pictures during centers when I saw this:

 I must admit, I was not going to have a library center this least not a comfy cozy one.  The center makes me crazy...they never put the books back nicely and its always a hot mess.  I previously had pillows in the center and a lice problem...way stressful.  My sweet friends convinced me to make a library center and even got me those cute lime green chairs and when I saw this my heart MELTED.  I am so glad they made me make a cozy comfy center.
These friends worked hard tracing their letters.

  The Play-Doh center was open for the first time this week and was a big hit!

Working hard at the math center!

The apple centers went great this week!  To end our week, we had an apple tasting!  This is what our spread looked like:
There are tons of apple foods, but our sheet called for Apple Juice, Apple Jelly, Applesauce, and Apple Cereal. We also tasted red, yellow, and green apples to graph our favorite.

Here are some pictures of the tasting.

 Trying Juice

 Trying Jelly on a Cracker

 Jelly was not a favorite for all  :)

 Trying applesauce.

 Who liked it?

 Trying apples
 Graphing our favorite!

Yellow wins!

The kids had a great time :)  I can't wait until our pumpkin tasting next month! 

Did you know yesterday was the first day of Fall?  Still planning?? Stop by TpT and grab my Fall unit.  I am working on a Five Senses unit for next week...hoping to be finished soon!  Hope everyone has a great week!

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