Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Behavior Notes

You can always tell when we've had a long weekend.  It was a rough day in Kindergarten!  Although we practiced using our clip cart last week, we started our behavior calendars today.  CHAOS!  It makes it real though and it holds them accountable.  I have to tell myself, they will learn to get their calendar out of the page protector and they will learn to find the correct date on the calendar.  I decided to pull out some behavior notes today to recognize a few for their outstanding behavior and sadly to let a few parents know about consequences.  I wanted to share just in case any of you are using my clip chart and need a note.  I printed them out and ran them on colored paper and I stuck them in their folders to be signed if need be.  Hope you enjoy!  Here's to hoping tomorrow is better!

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  1. I hope your week became better!
    I Love My Classroom


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