Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Terrific Kids and Turkey Games

We had our Terrific Kids Assembly today.  I am RELIEVED it is over!! I can speak in front of 5 year olds all day, but put me in front of a group of grown ups and I get tore out of the frame!  In case you missed it, here are our terrific kids for this 9 weeks.  Not the best picture, but its hard to get a good picture of 9 kids in the midst of all that chaos :)
Laken, Anna, Payton, Lochlyn, Kameron, Alilah, Christopher, Robert, Jade

Next week we will be continuing our study of Thanksgiving and moving on to the numbers 6-10.  To help us work on those, I have created 2 games that are now available in my TpT store.

If you are interested in either, click on the picture to go to my store.  Enjoy!

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