Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Rotations, Pie Feast & my little Native Americans

I've been meaning to post this since Tuesday, but I just couldn't quite get to it.  If you remember last Monday, I posted pictures of my Precious Pilgrims.  On Tuesday we got on our Native American gear and spent the day doing lots of fun stuff.  The students started out doing rotations.  If you haven't read my posts about them before, the students rotate through 5 different rooms and the teacher stays in the room and does the same activity with every class.  I did the fingerprint turkey from Pinterest and while I may have been crazy to paint with 100 kids - we made it and they turned out adorable!  Here's what my friends did:

Making Bracelets with Mrs. McGregor (The story of Thanksgiving)
                       Writing names with Native American Symbols in Mrs. Reels Room
Making a Fall Snack Mix with Mrs. Mitchell
Making Butter in Mrs. Biggs' Room
Butter + Cracker =  Finger lickin' good!
Finger Print Turkeys in my room :)

Pie Feast with Mrs. Mitchell's Class:

My Little Native Americans!
Just a smile!

Loved the silly face so much the last time I had to do it again - love them!

Have you heard about the Cyber Monday + Bonus Tuesday sale on TpT?
That's right - the whole store!!!

Here are 2 new products I have created for Christmas.  I will be working on more tonight and tomorrow to have posted by the sale on Monday - stop by and check them out!

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your Saturday/weekend.  My body is going to go into shock when I get up early Monday!!

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