Friday, August 2, 2013

Five for Friday

It's my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Five for Friday is apparently five random pictures from the week.  Here are mine!

1. Classroom

I headed out to my classroom this week to try and get my furniture in order.  It was hot and sweaty, but its all in place now and I am feeling relieved!

2. Currently Crafting...

I'm working on making this little jewel presentable for my classroom.  I spray painted it in the dark...probably not the best idea. It's a bit splotchy so I need to figure out how to fix that.

3.  Tax Free Weekend

We headed to Old Navy today to grab some uniforms while it was tax free weekend. 
 They offered an extra 10% off $50 or more and we had coupons for $20 off $100 and $10 off $50.  We split our purchases into to and ended up saving over $150!  The best part was that we got 6 pants, 6 shorts, and more than 10 polos for $120!  The boys are set!

4. Movies! 

I was just cleaning out my purse and all of these guys were in there. No wonder I couldn't find my phone in the midst of all of that. We saw Smurfs 2 tonight and we were the only people in the theater.  It was a cute movie, but Despicable Me 2 was by far the best Kid's movie of the Summer!

5.  Pity Party of 1

Yes that's an iPad....yes its in rice.  Insert sad face here.  Our youngest child took his iPad into the bathtub today.  We had no idea so it was submerged for some time before it was found. It was on when we found it but there is definitely water inside.  We are going to wait a few days and then decide what to do next.  He doesn't have a clue what he did!  I'm crossing fingers and toes that it will work perfectly when it dries out.

Well that's pretty much the long and the short of my week.  How was yours? Head over and link up!

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  1. Oh...hope the ipad survives! I'm so impressed with your Old Navy savings!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Thank you! I love Old Navy - all those uniforms were cheaper than Walmart!! I got clothes for both of my boys! :)

  3. Ouch on the iPad! I know that rice does work miracles sometimes so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Tropical Teacher

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about that!! We are thinking about getting one to use with our you like it for littles ? she's only 2 so it would be with lots of supervision and for limited amounts of time, but we can't decide if we want to go with iPad or something smaller like a kindle?

    1. I really like it for the little ones. There are so many great apps available in the app market for Apple. Our favorites are Letter School and Elmo ABCs. I would recommend a good strong case and obviously not around water lol :) I would say the iPad over the Kindle personally! :) I had to replace the iPad, but I got a warranty this time. I should have done that to start, but I never conceived water damage would be a problem!


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