Sunday, May 6, 2012

Field Trip to Strawberries on 903

 On May 1st we traveled with 3 other classes to Strawberries on 903 for our annual field trip.  Most of the students had never been before, so I was super excited about their reaction to the farm.  We started out learning about the farm and what we would see.  Then, we went to see all the animals on the farm and for a hayride.  Finally we got to pick strawberries!!  They should have weighed some of them before they went in,  because they ate more than they put in their containers!  When we finished at the farm, we went to the park for lunch and lots of playtime.  The students had the best time and they were soooo tired by the time we got home.  I bet they all slept well that night!  If you haven't been to the strawberry patch before, I would definitely recommend it!   




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