Saturday, May 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

For our Valentine's Day party, we decided to organize it similar to other parties/snacks we've had during the year.  The 2 weeks leading up to the party, we had the student's valentine holders stapled to the wall throughout the room and they delivered their own valentines in the morning when they came in.  This is the first year I have made these particular holders, which were inspired from my own childhood.  We go the strong Chinet paper plates and each student pained 1 1/2 plates from a few colors we put out.  Once they dried, we stapled the 1/2 plate to the whole plate and then let them decorate with some glitter.  They were very sturdy and letting them deliver their own valentines was exciting for them and less work for us - a win/win situation :)  For our party, we had a cookie decorating station, a valentine making station, a hand print painting station, a love bug craft station (from Michael's) and at their seats, they covered a heart flower with tissue paper.  Everyone was busy all the time and they ended up with a lot of cute stuff.  After all the stations were finished, we passed out their snacks and valentines and they enjoyed both of those.  I am so thankful to have wonderful parents this year that came to run some of the stations for us.

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