Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alphabet Posters

I am so excited y'all - I sold my first thing on TpT.  I feel so accomplished :) I finished my Alphabet Posters to go with the shapes and colors I posted this weekend.  I still need to do numbers for sure and then I will see what else I need to do.  I posted them for sale in my TpT Store.  I will send the set to the first person who follows my blog, comments and leaves their email address.  I hope someone can use them! :)


  1. Hi! Your Alphabet Posters look great! I would love to have a copy. I am following your blog.



  2. Hi Jeanne! Thanks for commenting! I don't see you in my list of followers. On the right hand side did you click join this site? I will send those posters your way. Would appreciate it if you would rate them for me on Tpt :)


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