Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100th Day Hooray!

Today was the 100th day!  This may mean absolutely nothing to you, but in Kindergarten, it's kind of a big deal.  Not only was today 100th day, it was also awards day.  In a word, today was CRAZY.  I had all these grand plans and visions of how today was going to go, but in order to be a teacher you have to be flexible.  People, we did math ALL.MORNING.LONG!  It was the subject that never ended!  We MISSED recess because math took SOOOOOO LONG!  Who misses recess for math? Yeah, we did.  We went after lunch so don't freak out yet.  Let me tell you what we did for math today.  We had math groups as usual.  In my group my sweet children were going to paint with Q-Tips and paint 100 dots.  In Miss Zripko's group, they were making a cute hat with 100 stickers.  In Ms. Edwards group, they were making a necklace with 100 fruit loops.  This sounds easy, right?  I figured 15 minutes per group and we're golden.  Math over in 45 minutes, wham bam.  Umm no.  The painting took around 3 seconds.  The hat? About 12 years.  The necklace?? Around 18 years.   In case you aren't good at math, these times did not make my math groups flow perfectly or even close to it. I decided to make Hiaku (a snack where you get 10 of 10 different foods) when mine finished painting.  Remember how I said it was awards day?  Paint + awards day = whoops! Sorry parents!  I also ended up playing some addition apps in the mean time - who doesn't love the iPad?  Here are some pictures of the fiasco known as math.

 Painting 100 dots!

100 fruit loop necklaces!

Making the 100 day hat.  Check out my cuties :) 

Making the 100 day snack Hiaku.  (Pretzels, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, Popcorn, White Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips, M&Ms, Marshmallows, Cheerios & Fruit Loops) Thanks to my wonderful parents for donating all the yummies!

Even though these activities took FOREVER, the kids LOVED them! :) They were engaged the entire time and if they don't know by now that 10 tens makes 100, I clearly did not do my job :) I would absolutely do these activities again because we had sooo much fun! :)

Last but not least, after our cray-cray morning, we had lunch, went to recess and went to our assembly.  Here are the 2nd 9 weeks Teriffic Kids.  Not the best picture, but hey, try getting a picture of 9 kids at one time...impossible!  Thanks to Miss Zripko for trying! :) 

All of these 100 day activities came from my free 100th Day Pack on TpT, if you would like to do any of them, stop by and scoop it up!

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