Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter's on it's way! & a Freebie!

Can you believe Easter is almost here?!  I have been reading about several states who are already on Spring Break...and states that get 2 weeks off...umm I may need to move!  We officially get out for Spring Break next Thursday.  We have an early release and parent conferences from 3-7 Thursday and then Friday we are home free!  I can not wait to enjoy some time with my own children and go to the beach!  

We will be having a party next week with my wonderful parents and the students are going to dye Easter Eggs, play an Easter Sight Word Memory Game, Graph Easter M&Ms, and make a tissue paper Easter Egg.  Just before they go home, we are going to have cupcakes and a few more goodies - I can't wait! Pictures to come next week :)

In the meantime, I have been hard at work creating my Easter Centers/Unit for next week.  So without further ado, 101 pages of goodies!

Stop by TpT or TN and grab a copy if you need something to do next week.

While you are there, pick up this freebie!  Addition + Write the Room = Perfect Center.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. What a fabulous freebie! Thanks for sharing :) I'm headed to check out your Easter Centers pack now.

    Lovely Literacy & More

  2. Thank you for sharing, and I love your blog!

    Owl About Us

  3. I know it's a bit late for Easter, but I think I may try this write the room addition activity tomorrow! I was thinking of putting the problems inside of Easter eggs for the kiddos to find and solve. What do you think?

    I found your blog through the TPT seller's forum. It is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Hanging Out in First!

    1. I was on vacation when you sent this yesterday - but I think that would be a great idea! People who were on spring break last week kind of missed the Easter stuff, so I think it's appropriate to do it now :) I am your newest follower!


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