Friday, April 25, 2014

Peeps Play Dough

I'm still alive! Sorry for my mini hiatus! :) I have been a busy girl! I find it hard to juggle all of my duties and let's face it, we all fall short of the glory once in a while, so blogging took a backseat to everything else.  The good news?  My family is happy and healthy, I have 2 A's in my grad school classes and I've lost 27lbs.  The bad news? You've missed out on everything that's been happening in Kindergarten!  Don't worry - I'm about to update you!

As some of you may know, I am participating in the ECU Co-Teaching program this year, so I have two full time interns right now! This has been a huge change for me!  I am missing teaching the whole group a ton right about now, but they are just about finished and I am getting my babies back :) While they have been teaching, I have been able to work with small groups and one-on-one, which has boosted some of my friends to grade level and been really nice!

Something fun Miss Eonta did with the students last week came from something I posted on my Facebook page.  Maybe you saw it? Peeps Play Dough anyone?

candy playdough you can eat

So basically you need Peeps, Powdered Sugar and Coconut Oil.  Miss Eonta decided to give each kid 2 Peeps instead of 3 so she played with methods a little bit.  She ended up microwaving them all at once for about a minute (40 of them) and the coconut oil. (Multiply the coconut oil and powdered sugar to fit your needs if you do it this way.)  The powdered sugar gets added afterwards.  She mixed it with her hands and gave everyone a pinch.  Don't judge us for our plates, we use what we have haha :) 

Here's the kids playing with their play dough.  It was perfect! 

                                            We tried some was very sweet, but not bad! 

She did lots of fun stuff with Peeps last week and they taunted me all week.  I felt like the big marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters from eating all those Peeps.  I'll be glad when all the Easter candy is gone!  Anyone else make this? 

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