Sunday, April 27, 2014

Truck Day

In lieu of career day this year, our school had Truck Day.  On this day, several trucks of popular careers came out and explained their jobs to the kids and showed them how their trucks worked.  This was super neat EXCEPT it was FREEZING that day.  It had been 70s-80s and then suddenly it was 50 and we were  I snapped the best pictures I could.  Our favorite was the crime scene unit...because not only was it was also heated! :)

This was on the way...she was so cute in his cat coat I had to snap her picture :)

Cement Truck - I really wanted them to turn it on and mix something! 

Pet Grooming - They didn't actually groom in the van, but he explained all the grooming.  The van was more for advertisement he explained.

Suddenlink Truck - This was pretty neat.  He had a ladder that went way up in the air, but I couldn't snap a picture.  He did a great job of explaining to the kids what everything was for! 

 Crime Scene Unit - Cue the heat!! (And the cameras that could see to the Intermediate School!)
Apparently they have a toilet in there that burns whatever you do...the kids wanted to see that but you have to be 18 to see that..ha! :) 

 Fire Truck - It never gets old! There was a woman fire fighter, which I've never seen! Pretty neat :)

When we get back, we'll be talking about Community Helpers and this was kind of a perfect lead into it. Does your school do any kind of Truck Day or Career Day?

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