Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Party

I love Easter! Usually for us, it means Spring Break is coming, but also it means we get to have a fun party!

So what do we do for our party? First, we have an egg hunt! Every child brings at least 21 eggs.  We number the eggs from 1-21.  Every child gets a number from 1-21 (or how many ever kids we have.) Then every child hunts for their number only! This is great for number recognition! You can differentiate based on what level your kids are on and the egg hunt lasts more than a second. makes it fair!

 Then we go back in the room and look through our eggs to make sure we didn't get anyone else's.  Believe it or happens.  Sometimes random eggs but especially 6 gets 9 and 16 and 19 and 12 and 21 ... those are the ones that get mixed up the most even when we put lines on them.  So we get them all straight and let everyone eat a piece of candy and then put them away.

 Then on to our "party!"  For the party, we have several activities going on where the students rotate.  This gives them a chance to do several things we didn't have a chance to get to during the week that are thematic, makes small groups, and makes the party centered around learning.

Tissue paper Easter Eggs

Graphing M&Ms

Jelly Bean Addition

 Easter Egg Dying

Peep Sight Word Memory

 We did finish up with some yummy food, but I missed pictures of that because I went to my own little guy's Easter Party where they were flying kites and having an egg hunt!  We had a great time! Did you do anything special for Easter?

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. I love the idea with the numbered eggs! Our fun Easter tradition isn't classroom related but it was a flash light Easter egg hunt in jammies. We met at the park with family and friends, had a pizza party and then had so much fun looking for eggs in the dark!

  2. I was subbing the Thursday before Easter in a second grade classroom. The teachers counted up all the eggs and told the kids they could get 20 eggs each. There were 1200 eggs (for 4 or 5 classrooms) and they found them all in 5 minutes! Given, they weren't really "hidden" (a lot were just hanging out on the grass) but I was so impressed with them! I like the numbered eggs concept!


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