Sunday, May 4, 2014

Planting Zinnias

This was an ugly rainy week for most of the Kindergarten classes, but fortunately, we made it over to the garden! This week, Ms. Joni taught us how to plant Zinnia seeds in plastic cups.  They filled plastic cups with soil, used their two fingers to make a "peace sign" to put two holes in the soil, put two seeds in, and then covered them up.  Easy peasy!

We haven't been to the garden in 3 weeks because of the break and the plants had grown so much!  Ms. Joni sent some strawberries back with us to cut up and eat...they were delicious! :) 

Before we left a few rain drops got us, but thankfully the bottom didn't fall out until about 30 minutes later.  The kids really enjoy the garden and we are so thankful for Ms. Joni and Ms. Doris for always teaching us something new! 

The kids always seem to be more fascinated with the bugs than the plants, so when we get to worm week this group should have a blast! :)  

We will be studying all about plants this week coming up and I can't wait to show them a few really neat things with plants that will connect with what Ms. Joni has been teaching us!

Needs some plant activities?

We're using these fun centers in our room next week :)  What activities do you like to do with plants?

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