Monday, May 12, 2014

Rhyme to Read - App Review & Giveaway

A little while back, I posted about Apps I used in guided reading.  If you read it, you know I love using the iPad during reading groups to engage my students in learning.  Why? Because students RESPOND to the iPad!  A few weeks back, Lynn from Rhyme to Read contacted me about using the Rhyme to Read app in the classroom and sharing with you guys how the app works.  Of course I jumped on this opportunity, because let's face it - I love my iPad, my kids love my iPad and we need all the extra practice we can get with end of the year testing coming up! :)

This iPad isn't like the typical apps I use, it's not a game.  It has 20 books, each on a different word family.  We just finished up word families or so I thought, but this app had word families I had not covered, so this was great!

The app was developed by 2 teachers.  I love this! They know exactly what students need because they are teachers! 

Take a look at one of the books.  The words are color coded!  Sight words a black and each word family has it's own color.  This helps students to recognize the word family itself. The words can be tapped to be read aloud!! This means the students can use this app BY THEMSELVES!  They can practice reading the words to themselves, they can sound out the words, and they can tap the words to see if they were correct. (The words can be tapped part and's really cool y'all!)  The pages can be swiped left to right or right to left, super easy.  Not only are these books great for phonics, they are FULL of sight words which are perfect for Kindergarten too! 

Each book should be mastered before the student moves on to the next book, because they go in order and build on each other.  You could use these in reading groups, for independent time, an iPad station, tutoring, remediation...really, the list goes on!

At the end of each book, it reviews all the sight words for that book.  Then, it reviews all the word family words for all the books prior to that book.  I LOVE this! This keeps it comprehensive!

This app can be purchased in the app store for $9.99 or each book can be purchased individudlally for $0.99.  Obviously it makes sense to purchase the whole app because you save money! :) When have you ever paid $0.50 for a book? Me? Never! The Scholastic readers are always way more than that and those jokers are currently falling apart.  True story!

My students really enjoyed using this app! I made a list of the books (numbers) and checked off the students as they mastered the books.  Students can work at their own pace, which is really nice and get just what they need! My class is still working through these books, but I think it's a great program! :)  I can't wait until next year when I can get started even earlier!! I have learned a lot about phonics this year and truly believe in teaching my kids to read through phonics!  You won't be disappointed with this app!

So - what do you think? Love it as much as I do? Want to win it?! Enter to win below! Winner will be notified via and must respond within 5 days to win.  Good luck! 

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Side Note - I was given this app for free to review, but these opinions are my own and honest! :)

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