Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday Made It

Ok, so I got a burst of energy after the last post and decided to work on one of the things on my to do list for Monday Made It.  I got this idea from Erica Bohrer's First Grade blog.  I love love love desk caddies!  I have spent many a day driving around town trying to find all.the.colors.  Last year, I stalked Target every day they got a truck.  Several of mine got cracked last year and I was super upset, but I was able to find every color except orange this year and luckily, my orange wasn't cracked.

I made some simple chevron labels and laminated them with my laminator.  I was mad at myself because I forgot to get cardstock when I was at school grabbing my laminator, but the laminate is so thick that it didn't even matter.

I used hot glue to make mine.  Erica used E600, but I don't really know anything about it, so I stuck with what I knew.

I also decided to do my book bins.  I use these to house the writing folders and bag books at each table. This little jewel is cracked if you notice, but Target is holding out and hasn't put any of these guys out this year.  Come on Target!!

I use cups to hold the pencils/colored pencils, so I put some ribbon around it too.  These are from Walmart 4 for $1.  I have been looking for black plastic cups for like 6 years!  

I did all these beauties and then I ran out of ribbon.  My sweet husband went to Walmart to get me more and guess what?  They are out.  I sent him across town the other Walmart and they had 2 rolls of it!

While I am posting, these are my Target Dollar Spot finds.  I mentioned yesterday I had gotten the smaller white boards to use at my tables this year and these are the ones I grabbed.  Also, I love a self-inking stamp!

Interested in cutsifying your caddies?  Here are the labels I used for mine :) I also included numbers just in case you use numbers instead of colors.  Enjoy!

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  1. These are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing them!
    Found you through Pinterest and am your newest follower!
    Antoinette :)

  2. Turned out so wonderful. Love the polka dots.

  3. So cute and easy for kids to find their things!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I love the bins. And you made them look cute=)
    Lisa L.
    TGIF- Third Grade Is Fun

  5. Replies
    1. I may die - a celeb has visited and commented on my blog! :) <3 Thanks for the inspiration! You ALMOST made me return my colors and get all pinks and do numbers. But then I wouldn't have book bins to match :)


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