Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving Monday

So I tried to get my craft on last night for Made it Monday, but I ended up needing supplies I didn't have and it was 11:30pm, so I couldn't get it done.  Today has been full of other stuff, so I guess I'll join in the fun next week maybe :)

I trekked out to school today for an iPad in-service. We are being given an iPad for our classroom!  I previously used my personal iPad in class, so it will be nice to have a school issued one to use for instruction. I decided to swing by my classroom while I was at the school.  This is how it looked....

Pretty much how I left it...they came in took everything out, cleaned my floors and put it all back.  I decided to go ahead and tackle moving the furniture so I wouldn't feel pressured to do it closer to the start of school.  It was way hot and I forgot to bring water, so I was dying.  I got quite a bit accomplished in about an hour and a half...Here's what it looks like now:

All the tables and shelves are in place.  They are DIRTY!  I cloroxed them before I left, how are they dirty already??  So I need to go back and clean them all off and then take all that stuff on the cubbies and put it back on the shelves.  My closet was also full to the point I could barely open it and I cleared a great deal of that out because I needed to get my laminator for some projects I want to do :)  I'm absolutely exhausted.  As soon as I finally got home at 6:15pm, I took some ibuprofen and iced my shoulder...I'm getting old!

When does school start back for you?  Have you been to your room?

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  1. I go back in three weeks and still have so much on my to-do list. I cover My shelves and furniture with old sheets in the summer time. It is only nine weeks but it makes a big difference in terms of keeping dust off and stopping things from fading


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