Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Working Wednesday

I ran by school today to drop off my desk caddies and book bins so they aren't taking up room in my house. I decided to enlist the help of my children to help me get some of the junk instructional materials out of the cubbies and on the correct shelves.

Kevin was a huge help!  He put my blocks, books and housekeeping stuff away.  I took my laundry basket with me and we threw all the blocks into it and carried it to the front of the room until they were all out of the cubbies.  Same with the books! :)

This pretty much sums up Elijah's contribution to the cleaning process.  He danced to Pandora..and drove Kevin and I crazy...and played with some stuff that we Kevin cleaned up!

(They are in their swimming trunks because we went to the pool after this.)

I meant to take a picture of our hard work, but it hot as Haiti up in there and I was ready to go swimming!

The depressing news of the day was when I was unpacking my supply order and saw this:

Umm...I meant to order 8 count fat crayons :( These guys would be broken to smithereens if I gave these out on the first day.  I'm going to have to figure that one out.

Just in case you haven't checked in a while, I updated my Freebie tab to include all freebies and I have been going back and editing some of the first things I ever made because they looked crazy :) 

Anyone else working in the classroom? 

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