Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bats & Spiders Week and a Freebie!!

This week was all about Bats & Spiders! The kids were super excited about every activity we did!  They learned a lot of facts this week and I was so happy that they could tell me that a fact was "something true."  We did many activities in my Bats & Spiders Unit! There are a lot of fact books and fun activities included.

We did not do an alphabet hat this week, because we made a Spider hat!! These were a lot of fun! 

Here's how you make them:

Give the students 8 strips of black paper.  I had a wonderful practicum student cut, count and paper clip these earlier this week.  It makes it a lot quicker to pass out.  You also need a strip of black poster board.  Mine were about 2-3 inches..I didn't measure I just cut.  I also gave them a square of white paper to cut out the eyes.

Crinkle the legs in an accordion fashion.  I had a moment of genius on Friday...I kept them all together and crinkled them at one time.  Have you ever tried to teach 5 year olds to crinkle paper?   Talk about a time saver!!!

Add legs, 4 on each side.  I spaced mine out a bit more than this cutie did.  Cut out 2 circles from the white paper for the eyes.

Glue on the eyes.

Staple together and look adorable :) I love these kids!

Have you guys heard about the Facebook Frenzy? This is an awesome "hop" put together to offer free products from TpT sellers.  You start on a Facebook Page and when you "like" the page, you snag the freebie and move on to the next one.  I am participating in the K-1 Frenzy and have a super cute activity to share!

You can snag this freebie until Monday night by going to my Facebook page, liking my page, clicking on the FB Frenzy tab at the top and downloading.  There are 45 stops on the K-1 hop - have fun and enjoy the Halloween goodies!! 

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