Monday, October 21, 2013


You may remember back in the Summer when I posted about how I set up my centers.  When I posted, it was the Summer, so I didn't have any actual center examples to show you.  So today I snapped some pictures of how my centers are set up in case you need some help getting yours started or want a new way to do them.  This is not all the centers I have, but just some of the ones that are open this week.

Art Center - This week they are using tissue paper to cover a pumpkin. The pumpkins are in the tray on the top of the purple bookshelf.  All the materials they need (glue, scissors, pencils etc.) are in that sorter on top of the shelf.  The tissue paper has already been cut for them and is in the basket.  I also made an example so they know exactly what to do.

At every center, you will see the icon for that center as well as a task card.  The task cards are simple, but they are helpful.  Right now, my kids CANNOT read these.  That is ok! If a grown up walks in, I am out, my assistant is out, the world ends - someone will know what they are supposed to do that that center and help them.

This is my ABC Center (There are puzzles on that bookshelf I know, the puzzle center is around that location too.)  The Accountability Sheets and materials are on the shelf, and the game is in the basket.  Again I provide an example but I encourage them to do the work on their own.  This week they are saying the name of the picture and clipping the beginning sound. Clothespins are in that basket too.

Math Center - Sorting Map & Sorting Pieces in the basket, Materials and Accountability Sheets on the Shelf

Pocket Chart Center - I know these don't match right now...the kids will match them when they get there :) 

Listening - Book is there ready for them...Plain paper for them to draw a picture and write a sentence about their favorite part.

Writing Center - Magnetic Letters to make each word, accountability sheets in the tray.

Please forgive this was a heinous yellow and I spray painted it...if you move it, the legs fall off.  Bless.  This is Write the Room.  All they need are clip boards and pencils.  Again I have an example just in case they want to check their work.

This is my center chart.  Some of my icons aren't up there very securely at the moment, but it serves it's purpose.  For more information on how I set this up, check that post from the Summer.

Most of my centers have their own tables or are something that can be done in the floor.  I am super fortunate to have a lot of room and a lot of tables! :) I like for the students to have a game or activity and then some kind of accountability.  This is what works in our room.  My kids LOVE centers.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

If you need a few centers for next week, swing by and grab these freebies.

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