Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fire Safety Week & L Alphabet Hat

We had another busy and successful week in Kindergarten! This week we learned all about Fire Safety! We started out Monday with a Fire Safety Presentation from the Greenville Fire & Rescue.  They have these Fire Clowns that make the kids go bananas.  Before they leave, they take a black sheet and make it jump around to simulate smoke and have the kids crawl under it.

On Friday, we painted flames, which is one of my favorite art projects.  They turn out super cute.  The kids were SO quiet and focused! We told them to only paint with 1 finger at a time and they did 1 color at a time as Ms. Moore Modeled on the Smart Board.

Baby wipes are necessary when finger painting with more than one color.  We also only put one color out at a time for our impulsive friends.

Modeling using the document camera and Smart Board.  I love Ms. Moore! :) 

In the afternoon we reviewed the letters K and L.  We talked about Kicking King and Lucy Lamp Light and because I loved the Lion Alphabet hat so much, we did that one. :)  Stop by Simply Kinder and grab the Alphabet Hat so you can start having a good time too!

These kids are ridiculously adorable, am I right? :) 

Need some Fire Safety Activities? These are the ones we used :) 

Next week we are on to Bats & Spiders and the letters M and N! :) What do you have going on this week?

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