Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting Ready for December!

Before I leave for Thanksgiving break, it's a necessity that I am prepared for Christmas! I put up my Christmas tree, my bulletin board, get my plans done, and of course help my children get in the spirit as well! Here's how:

We wanted a cute and perfect bulletin board again, especially after taking down those cute owls.  I got on Pinterest and searched and found this:

Totally free from First Grade Blue Skies!  She has a pattern in the packet for an ornament, so I chose some bright colors and ran them off.  Then I headed to Michael's and purchased some scrapbook paper with different patterns and colors and some ribbon.  Thank goodness for a teacher discount and coupons! I already had punches for stars, squares, and circles, so I punched out the shapes using those.  I let the students choose their ornament colors and shapes from what I'd punched out and then we added glitter to ours.  They told me if they wanted a pattern and I added it for them.  We titled ours "We're Having a Ball in Kindergarten!"  I hot glued everything to the paper.  Our board was shaped a bit different than hers, but I still think they came out cute!

Another thing we did to get ready for Christmas is a Christmas countdown chain! I always start these on December 1st, but I suppose you could start them whenever you wanted to.  I have several options, but I like to do Santa.  I printed him out in color, so students just had to cut him out.  We added some cotton for fun.  Next students need 12 green links and 12 red links.  I used to have a method to what size these needed to be, but construction paper is crazy expensive and I started using bulletin board paper so it really doesn't matter to me now.  About an inch thick and maybe 3-4 inches long.  Students alternate colors and I teach mine to put a little glue and then pinch and count to 10.  This is SO MUCH FUN for them! I do this before Thanksgiving and send it home with a note letting the parents know to hang it somewhere safe until December 1st.

Super cute, right?

There are other options as well - bells, stars, elves, and more! 

Do you do a countdown to Christmas?

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