Friday, January 2, 2015

September in a Blog Post

Alright y'all, it's January, I know, but let's flip it in reverse and zoom back to September.  I've been busy beyond busy as you know, but I wasn't too busy to get pictures of my cuties! :)

Let's talk September.

In September, we practiced making our names: (The students cut their names apart, put their names back together, and counted how many letters were in their names!)

 We made silly hats! We were learning our letters, so on Fridays to review the letters, we made hats!  We use Simply Kinder's Alphabet Hats.  These are my favorite! I don't have a chance to use them all, but these are a few that we made in September.

We learned our shapes and practiced making them using Play-Doh.  This is perfect for fine motor skills, but also the perfect opportunity to teach students about how many sides the shapes have.  I try to get them to make 1 snake for each side.

We also learned about apples in September!  We finger painted and had an apple tasting! We learned about taking "thank you bites" whether we think we like foods or not.

We did several art projects.  I may have posted a few of these before I went on blogging hiatus, but just to have them all together, here they are! We read the Crayonbox that Talked and made our own crayons.  This is a permanent decoration in our room!  We learned about School Bus safety, made rainbow names, the letters of our first name for our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree, and our very own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree.

Still with me? I used several things from TpT during the month of September:

These Shape Play-Doh Mats are FREE! Grab them if your students still need practice or to use for next year.

These units are perfect for the beginning of the year and would be great to grab for next year! :) (Just click on them to find them on TpT!)

Alright, that's September in a snap! See you tomorrow for October! 

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