Sunday, January 4, 2015

November in a Blog Post

We're moving through the school year at warp speed and honestly, that's how it felt to me with everything I had going on.  November wasn't quite as busy as October because we had a few days off, but we had a lot of fun things to do!

We had our 1st Terrific Kids Awards Assembly! Congrats to our first Terrific Kids!

We continued with our letters and made the robot alphabet hat from Simply Kinder! This is always my student's favorite!

We had Thanksgiving Rotations! Just like Pumpkin Rotations, students move to 6 classrooms and do a different activity in each room!  They made bracelets to learn about the First Thanksgiving, wrote their name using symbols, made bookmarks, put turkey numbers in order, made butter, and played Thanksgiving Vocabulary Bingo.

We made outfits and dressed up as Native Americans and Pilgrims!

We had a pie feast with Mrs. Mitchell's Class! The students tried pumpkin pie and apple pie and we graphed our favorite kind! Pumpkin won! I was super proud of everyone for taking their thank you bites :) We loved having our Native American friends over for a feast!

We used these resources in November: (You can download or wishlist for next year!)


 That's it for November! It was a super simple month, but lots of fun! Can you see how much these sweet students have grown already? December is coming soon!

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  1. Warp speed is right! Time has flown by and there is so much to do and things pulling for attention. I am always with teachers who blog frequently : ) Happy new year!
    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Forgot a couple words... I am always in awe of teachers who blog so frequently : ) Keep up the good work!


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