Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Party

After rotations in the morning, we decided to have our Christmas Party that afternoon.  Leading up to the party, the students had been participating in the 12 Days of Christmas.  The 12 Days of Christmas is a behavior incentive that many of the teachers at our school have the 12 days leading up to their Christmas Party.  Parents are asked to donate 22 of the same item pre-wrapped to the classroom.  Each day, if the students don't lose their apple, they get a present in their bag. (A gift bag I purchase and put their names on - I try to get them on sale!) On our party day, we sit in a big circle and everyone opens their presents.  It's pretty chaotic but super exciting for the kids!  This is a time we all hope that students who missed a certain present due to misbehavior will reflect and have an aha moment.  However, they are all so happy to be opening 12 presents that I'm not sure they noticed!  When they finished opening their presents, they went back to their seats and had a yummy snack and then we finished watching the Polar Express.  Many of them colored in their coloring books that Mrs. Edwards and I got them for Christmas.  While they were busy with all this, some of my sweet parents helped me take down my Christmas tree so we would be ready for January when we got back!  Here are some pictures of the fun!   

Snack Time!

 What a mess!

 A present from Mrs. Edwards and I!

It was an exhausting day, but seeing their excitement after waiting 12 days to open their presents is so worth it.  

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