Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Rotations

On the last day before our Christmas Break, we had another day of rotations, but with Christmas activities this time.  In my room, students made a Christmas Tree ornament.  Each child had 2 die-cut Christmas Trees that had several holes punched out of them. On the table, we had cut up squares of tissue paper.  They glued the tissue paper to one side of the Christmas tree and then put the other one on top.  I put a piece of red ribbon through a hole at the top and voila they had an ornament for their tree at home.  This activity is super easy and turns out really cute.

 In Mrs. Hardy's room, the students learned to sing Feliz Navidad!

 Candids in the hallway !

 In Mrs. Biggs' room, they read The Elves and the Shoemaker and then sorted their shoes in hula hoops.

 In Mrs. Mitchell's room they played Musical Chairs to Christmas music.

 In Mrs. Reel's room they also played Musical Chairs to Christmas music.  

 In Mrs. McGregor's room, they played bingo with the Christmas Vocabulary words.

It was a great way to review the things we learned about Christmas and not start anything new before our break! 

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