Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Rotations

We love our rotations!  Just like our Halloween Rotations, each class travels with the teacher assistant to 5 other teacher's classrooms to do a different activity.  In my room, we always make the edible turkey.  I don't know why I continue to do this activity every year, because it can be a pain getting materials for 120 students and it can be super messy, but I do.  The kids love it of course...who doesn't like eating sweets first thing in the morning?

This is what you need for each student:
1 Oreo
5 Candy Corn (Feathers)
1 Whopper (Body)
1 Chocolate Chip (Beak)
1 Red Hot (Wattle)
1 Popsicle stick (To spread out the icing)
1 glob of Chocolate Icing

I usually have my intern or someone sweet put all of these materials except the icing into a ziploc bag ahead of time so I don't have to run around like crazy passing this stuff out and that has made things much easier.  First have the students break apart the Oreo - this can be disastrous so have extra Oreos on hand.  Next have them take their chocolate icing and spread it on both cookies.   Then have them take their 5 candy corn  and place them on the side of the cookie that doesn't have the white Oreo icing on it pointing in.  On the cookie that has the white Oreo icing, have them put the Whopper in the middle.  Have them put a little icing on the back of the chocolate chip and stick it to the front of the Whopper.  Then have them put a little icing on the Red Hot and stick it under the chocolate chip.  Finally, stand the cookie up that has the feathers on it and voila you have a turkey.  Then they can devour it!  This picture is the closest one I could find to the one we make, I can never remember to take a picture of my own or the kids making it because my hands are usually covered in icing.  I'll try to remember next year! :)

The other rotations the students went to were:

Making a fall/harvest trail mix with Mrs. Mitchell.

 Making Thanksgiving place mats with Mrs. Reel.

 Making Bracelets with Mrs. McGregor (each bead represented some part of Thanksgiving, I found this activity on someone's blog, but I can't remember where!)

They also made butter with Mrs. Biggs and learned a song with Mrs. Hardy, but we didn't get pictures of those for some reason.  The kids loved it of course and it's nice for them to get to see other teaching styles while doing fun activities ;)

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