Friday, December 30, 2011

Pie Feast

To celebrate Thanksgiving, after we have learned about Thanksgiving and the Indians and the Pilgrims, we have a pie feast with another class.  School policy doesn't allow us to cook anything or parents to send anything they have made, so we have to use store bought items and this is what we came up with years ago.  One class dresses up as the Indians and one class dresses up as the Pilgrims.  My class was responsible for bringing Pumpkin Pies and the other class brought Apple Pies.  Thank goodness for my wonderful parents - they came in and helped out (this is the first time I have ever invited parents to help) and it was the least stressful pie feast I have ever had.  We dressed up as the Indians and invited Mrs. Mitchell's class to come feast with us.  The students tasted each kind of pie as I showed an example of them.  They gave thumbs up/down to show if they liked it or not.  After we tasted both together, the students were able to eat and chat with each other and I called them up by table to graph their favorite on the SMART Board.  I had a few students this year that didn't like either, so I had to add a column to our graph for neither.  In the end, most students liked Pumpkin Pie.  We answered a few questions about the graph and the students came up to write their answers.  Both classes were so well behaved and they really enjoyed this activity.  Here are a few pictures of our feast.



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