Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School!

I survived my 1st day of school!  Here's my and my little guy this morning:

We left super early and the kids were lined up at the door this morning!  I had 9 Kinders scheduled today and 11 showed up, but many were late due to the insane traffic and a bus mishap.  We didn't get to everything I had planned today, but we had minimal tears and everyone made it home the right way - that my friends is success in my eyes!  I got a new student folder in my box at the end of the day, so that leaves 8 Kinders for tomorrow (if everyone that came today doesn't come tomorrow!)  I didn't get a minute to breathe today, so I am sure tomorrow will be just the same and then again on Wednesday when they all come.  For now, I am beat and have a few things to work on before bed! How was everyone else's first day of school?

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