Thursday, August 23, 2012

Open House & Classroom Reveal!

Tonight was our Open House!  I met 18 of the sweetest Kinders ever :)  They played in a few of my centers, which mildly tore my nerves to shreds, but I got it all cleaned up and we are ready for business Monday!  It has been a SUPER busy week getting the room ready.  Next time I decide to redo my room, remind me how crazy it has made me this year.  But y'all am in IN LOVE with my polka dots! :) Here are some pictures of how the room turned out!

I got this idea from pinterest...from here.  I used my Cricut to punch out the stars and then I put a label with each child's name on each one.  The other letters are die cut...I didn't have the patience at midnight last night to cut them with my Cricut.

My Terrific Kid Board

 Our Names - I did use the Cricut for this and the Wish List
 The Door, my sweet Kinders names for staggered enrollment and my crayon wreath.
Looking in from the door.

 The writing center and my writing posters.

 The math center and the my shapes posters.
 The front of the room with my favorite part of the room, my Kindergarten banner at the top!  

 Rules and schedule

 Behavior clip chart
 Calendar (Very basic - we do it on the SMART Board)
 Reading Strategy posters by my reading table.
 Word Wall with my Kinder's names
 My desk area.
Standing in the front of the room looking at the back of the room.

Well, that's about all I have energy to post for today.  Tomorrow is our last workday and I must get some plans done!  Hope you all had a great open house and I will be back to stalking your blogs soon!

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