Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Currently

It's April!  I am linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for April's Currently.

I am trying to do some last minute studying, so I put on the Backyardigans for Elijah to watch.

I am on Day 3 of Spring Break and LOVING it!  We got back from the beach late last night and I was completely lazy today.  I love laying around in pjs and sweats with no plans of what to do or having to get ready.

I am taking the MAT tomorrow morning and I am terrified!  I am hoping to pass so I can get admitted to grad school tomorrow.  

I am finally ready to go back to grad school and hoping to get in ASAP so I can start with the first summer session.  

I need lots of luck, thoughts and prayers for the MAT tomorrow.  It's been a long time since I have taken a test and an even longer time since I've done analogies.  If you are the praying type, I need some!

I was just texting my intern from last year and telling her how scared I was about the MAT tomorrow and she reminded me that I told her last year to believe she could do something and she could and that the same thing applied to me.  Walt Disney said it best :) 

That's all for tonight!  

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  1. Kourtney-
    Hello! When I saw you were two before me for April Currently, I smiled! I am already missing my spring break hearing you hang out in your pjs. I had spring break last week! Good luck on your big test tomorrow! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

    1. I think I would have hated to have spring break last week ... how unfair! Hopefully this week will be an easy one for you! :) Thanks for the luck!!

  2. Hey, just found your blog through the Currently link up. Good luck with your test tomorrow. I'm sure you will do fabulous!

    First Grade Garden

  3. I found your blog through the Currently. Good luck on your MAT test ! My daughter used to love the Backyardigans, I loved the singing.


    Hip, Hop Hurray! Tales in an Artroom

    1. Thank you! My little guy loves the show - I could sing and say the lines all in my sleep!


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