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Product Swap!


Have you heard of the product swap from Mrs. Stanford's class? It's pretty neat - she pairs up bloggers with TpT stores and they swap a product and make/use them in the classroom and then they blog about it.  This gives everyone a chance to see some great bloggers, TpTers, and great products.

I was paired up with Amy from Teaching is Sweet. Her TpT store has almost 50 products that are great for Kindergarten and First Grade.  

I was super excited to see that she had a shapes packet because my kids definitely need a review of 2D and 3D Shapes, so I asked her to send me her 3D & 2D Shapes Unit.

This unit included a TON of resources.  I wish I had this resource when I first taught both topics, because my kids really enjoyed them. 

This is what's included:

Posters - There are 24 posters included in this packet. Individual posters for cone, cylinder, cube, sphere, rectangular prism, circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon are included in color and black/white. There are also posters for all of the 3-D shapes on one page in color and black/white and 2-D shapes on one page in color and black/white. 

 I have...Who has... Game - There are 24 cards to play I have...Who has... by identifying the 3-D shape.

 Spin a Shape - Students spin a paper clip to land on a shape and complete a graph. Spinners for both 3-D and 2-D shapes are included in color and black/white.

Shape Fill Game - Students roll a die to see who can fill in all their boxes first. There is a 3-D and 2-D version. 

 3-D Shapes in the Environment Cards - There are 48 cards of objects in the environment that are shaped like cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones, and rectangular prisms. These cards can be used to play Roll, Say, Keep or to sort them by shape. 

3-D and 2-D Books - The 3-D book introduces the terms three-dimensional and solid. The 2-D book introduces the terms two-dimensional and flat. Students color and cut out the books. Booklets -There are two booklets: I Am and Sea Life, Sea Life What Do You See? The booklet I Am focuses on drawing 2-D shapes and the terms edges and vertices. Sea Life, Sea Life focuses on identifying 3-D shapes. Students cut and glue a 3-D shape next to a sea creature.

There were several things I enjoyed about this unit.  First - the directions are crystal clear.  There is no way you couldn't figure out how to use the unit.  Second - She offers several things in black and white or color so if you are low on ink you can still print it and color it if you like.  Third - The activities were fun.  My kids LOVE a game and they truly enjoyed this unit.  So without further ado, here are some pictures of my sweeties using the unit.

These are the materials I printed and laminated.  The posters that included the shapes were great to use at my table for reference.  I didn't print the large posters because I already had some, but I found these sheets really handy.  I also printed the I have..Who has... game, Spin a Shape game, and the environmental shapes.

I had the students sort the environmental cards. She has several ways listed that they can be used, but this was a great review for my friends.

This game was my students' absolute favorite part of the unit.  There is a 2D & 3D version.  The students roll the dice and whatever number they land on tells them to color in a specific shape.  The first player with their board colored in wins.   

This 2D book was GREAT!  It included square, circle, triangle, hexagon, and rectangle.  Each page had them draw the shape and then answer how many edges and vertices it had.  This was really a great review! 

These are the other books included in the packet.  The kids really enjoyed them.

This packet was great.  I loved the information included and it certainly followed Common Core to a T!  
If you are teaching 2D/3D shapes I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your product Amy!  

Amy is reviewing my weather unit on her blog.  Stop by and check it out!

If you are interested in a copy of my Weather Unit, leave a comment letting me know the activity you liked best from her review and I will pick one person to send a copy!  Leave another comment if you follow my blog and another if you follow my TpT. 3 chances to win my friends!

Now, head over to Mrs. Stanford's blog and check out the other product reviews!

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  1. Hey! I gave you a shoutout on my blog today! I am using your Decomposing Numbers pack this week! It looks awesome so I can't wait to use it! Thanks!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  2. I loved both the beginning sounds and write the room kids can always practice on those skills!

  3. I follow your blog!

  4. I follow your tpt store!


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