Saturday, September 6, 2014

Classroom Reveal!

Okay I'm a little behind on revealing my classroom, I admit! I'm telling you, I'm just now getting things off my to do list that have been up there for 3 weeks.  The beginning of the school year has been OVERWHELMING.  More overwhelming that I can ever remember.  I think I bought too much new stuff over the Summer...remind me to tap the breaks on spending next summer and save my self some redecorating stress!  Anyhow, you've waited long's my home away from home :) 

Here's my favorite bulletin board! We changed it up a little this year and used yellow and white polka dot scrapbook paper for the letters and some stars I bought at Michaels instead of die cutting those this year.  This is on the wall outside my classroom and I tell my kids to look for it to find me! 

Our class list and wish list.

Our names, also cut out of scrapbook paper!  

Looking in my room from the door way:

Bulletin board at the back of the room: 

 Looking at the art center and back of the room...check out my beautiful curtains! 

Looking at the front of the room from the back of the room:

Looking at the back of the room from the front of the room:

Our schedule on the board.  This really helps prevent them from asking.."When is recess?!" "When do we go home?!"

Our behavior chart.  I backed it on black this year and used wider ribbon and I'm basically in love! My friend across the hall backed hers on black last year and I don't know why she didn't peer pressure me into it then but we went on a Michaels trip together when she bought the black cardstock and I felt the need to jump on the bandwagon and SO glad I did! :) 

Here's a side view of the room: (With new curtains!)

Here's what's in my caddies on my tables: Think you are crazy? You should have seen me trying to score a class set of those clear pencil boxes at Office Depot for 25 cents each.  You would have thought I was black Friday shopping...I'm a little OCD.

Here's what was out for open house:

And finally, the sign in table for open house.  Check out my new dry erase dots...a fun color! Thank you Bed, Bath and Beyond for ordering them for me! :)

So sorry for the delay, but at least I came with lots of pictures :) All of the work is well worth it because we are there all day and I want it to be a welcoming place for all my kids!  How does your classroom look? Leave us a link in the comments to check it out!

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  1. a few posts where you can see my classroom!! Yours looks amazing!!!

  2. Very cute! I wish I was given more time to do get organized and decorate my classroom! Yours looks awesome!!

    Teaching Munchkins


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