Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trashy Crafter Review

Have you heard of the Trashy Crafter?  When Kim from the Trashy Crafter contacted me about reviewing something from her Etsy shop, I had no idea what she could possibly do.  I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on over at what I saw!

Ever have a damaged book that you simply can't put in your library center anymore? What do you do with it? Throw it away...right? Kim and her mom take these books and roll them into beads and make jewelry with them! How cool is that?!

When you go to their Etsy Shop there are so many different categories of books, there is definitely something for EVERYONE.

In looking at the pictures, they immediately appealed to me because...I'm ALLERGIC to jewelry!! But guess what?! There is no metal!  A bracelet I can wear?? Finally, I can accessorize! 

They came in a padded envelope:

 And when I opened it, I saw this adorable little package all wrapped up! I love that it was all recycled!

I opened the envelope to find: 
These adorable bracelets!  Right on the card it tells you what book your bracelets are made from. Of course I knew mine would be made from Fox in Socks because I chose them.  (I LOVE that book!!) I also loved the bright colored beads on these bracelets!

I admit my wrists are a little big, I'm working on that, but fear not big wrist girls..these beauties stretch! 

Here you can see the words from the book...I LOVE them!

I'm so absolutely impressed by what Kim and her mom do! I hope you'll head over to her Etsy shop and take a peek at what they have to offer and get your shop on! Thanks Kim for allowing me to review these bracelets! I love them!! 

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