Friday, January 11, 2013

Pencil Sharpener Review!

Have you heard of Classroom Friendly Supplies?  I have seen their pencil sharpeners advertised on several different blogs and have been dying to try one.  I have entered several giveaways with absolutely no luck in winning.  I popped by their website and Troy, the owner sent me one to review!  First of all, I love getting a package.  I was super excited when it arrived and it arrived super quick!

Midnight Black

 It came in a cube box and on the inside was that little clear box.  I saved the clear box because it was so nice :) I am sure I have something that will go in there (a game, flash cards, who knows!)  I asked for black, but he also offers green, blue and red.  It's a cute little sharpener :)  I haven't used a crank sharpener in I don't know when because let's face it - they are pencil eaters.  The one I had on my wall used to eat pencils and never sharpen them or only sharpen them on one side, so I dismantled that joker and it's somewhere in my closet. 

Let me tell you though, this sharpener knocked that theory out of the park.  People, this sharpener makes the sharpest point of any pencil sharpener I have ever encountered.  Do you see these points?  I was so excited about it, I took it across the hall to my sweet teacher friend and we sharpened all of these pencils.  Also, when you write with them, the point DOESN'T break!  Amazing!!!  

Also, this sharpener is not loud like most crank sharpeners.  It was very quiet.  It has a special design where you pull out the silver part and then pinch these little clasps to put the pencil in.  Then when you sharpen, the silver thing goes back in.  When the silver thing goes all the way in, the pencil is finished being sharpened! (Clearly I have no idea what these parts are called, but you know what I am talking about, right?)

It comes with a clamp that you put through the bottom and tighten to keep it in place.  I put mine on a bookshelf.  (I forgot to take a picture of that!)

I would definitely recommend this pencil sharpener to teachers.  It works wonderfully.  I didn't let my kids sharpen with it (they are 5 after all!) but I am sure they could.  I plan to use it for cutie pencils like the ones above for math/reading groups.  I like this sharpener so much that I wish you could get it for the beginner or laddie pencils. (Troy - how about making that your next venture? :)  Want to get one for yourself?  Swing by the website and purchase one!

Thanks Troy for letting me review the pencil sharpener, I absolutely love it! :) 

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