Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swap

Guess what?! This is my 100th post!!  I can't believe it! :) I am so thrilled for my 100th post to be participating in a The Magical Product Swap which is hosted by Mrs. Stanford's Class.  If you don't know about this swap, you submit your name and they pair you up with another blogger/TpTer and you swap products.

 I was paired up with Mrs. Brinn! :)


I took a peek at her TpT Store and decided on her Wild About Watermelon Unit.

The first thing I did was print it out on card stock and get it laminated.  If you aren't a card stock user, you should be.  I remember the days when I would print stuff on paper and then cut it out, glue it to construction paper, laminate it and then cut it out again.  Then I realized that was ridiculous.  Now I print my stuff out on card stock and laminate the full sheet and cut it out once.  Time saver!   

These are the activities I decided to use from her unit.  

The first activity helped the students practice dropping a sound and adding a sound.  I felt like my kids needed to practice it on the white board first, so I would tell them to write the word and then we would change the sound and read the new word.  After several cards, I started doing them orally and they caught right on.  What I really liked about this activity is that it included the Common Core Goal at the top of the activity.

The next activity was an ABC order activity that had them putting 4 letters in ABC order.  My kids cracked me up with this one.  Since they didn't have all the letters, they were confused initially.  One of them said "but I don't have a b!!" Once we got past the fact that they didn't need all the letters to put them in ABC order, they caught right on.  We practiced all the sets and traded and practiced some more. Again, the activity included the Common Core Goal it aligned with right at the top of the activity. It also included a recording sheet which I chose not to use because I used it in small group.

Both of these activities were very appropriate for skill work in my Guided Reading groups.  Once we practiced each activity, my students were very comfortable and could definitely have done them with a partner or independently.  

The final activity we used was a counting on activity. I cut these cards apart but I apparently forgot to take a picture of it.  I used them total group during Math to practice counting on.  My students are not able to read those numbers just yet (and they will only learn to 20 this year) so I thought it was appropriate to do it total group.  It was nice to have a number to start with without having to pull it out of my head :) 

The whole packet was  78 pages and included several other activities as well, which she lists at the beginning of the packet!

If you like what you see, head over to her TpT store and purchase it!  She has several other products listed that would surely be appropriate for your Kindergarten Class!  Thanks so much for swapping with me Mrs. Brinn! :)

Want a chance to win it?  We are teaming up to give away her packet plus the Wants and Needs Unit she reviewed of mine.  Get busy entering!
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  1. Ha.. ha.. that made me laugh... @ missing the letters. I liked how you changed up some of the activities to make it work for you. It's been a pleasure exchanging with you!


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