Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apple Week & Friday Alphabet Hats

This week was our apple week.  We learned all about Apples and Johnny Appleseed.  We tasted apple stuff and enjoyed it!  We completed our first Science Notebook about apples.  We had a busy, but great week.  Excuse the picture overload!

 Graphing our favorite type of apple.  Red Wins!

 Apple Taste Test.  This activity came from The Mailbox.  Students taste Apple Juice, Apple Jacks, Apple Jelly, and Apple Sauce.  Most of them liked everything.  A few didn't care for the jelly, but it was the best group I've ever had for liking most of them.   







Our Friday Hats - This week we did the frogs for the letter Ff.  (These hats are from Simply Kinder.) Last week I learned that the students needed a model on their sentence strip of how to write the letter, so this week I made sure to give them a model and it make life so much easier! Their handwriting was so much better!








Our Friday Art Project was painting apples.   It's super simple.  All you do is cut off the sides of a paper plate to make the leaves.  We finger painted, which wasn't too bad at all.  Ms. Moore taught them to use 2 fingers to do the leaves and color on the core and 1 finger to do the dots for the seeds.  After each color, they had a baby wipe to wipe their hands, which prevented them all from having to run to the sink.  Once the leaves and core dry, we staple the leaves on.  They turned out really cute!

Apple Centers - The students did very well with these centers!  It was our first time using Play-Doh and I taught them all about making "snakes" to make numbers and letters.  This was also our first time playing in the blocks center, which is not open every week.  We still need to work on not taking out an excessive amount of blocks, but they did pretty ok :) 

Not pictured - Our Science Notebook.  Our question - Does a yellow apple have more seeds than a red apple?  I don't particularly care for Science Notebooks, but they are required, so I put on my happy face and got my kids excited.  We pretended to put on our lab coats and safety goggles and we completed our experiment.  We found that our red apple had more seeds than the yellow, but I told them that may not always be the case.

The apple centers can be found here:

If you are still with me after all that, I am participating in the September Facebook Frenzy where you can hop from Fanpage to Fanpage and grab lots of super cute freebies.  Mine is an apple counting game from 1-10.  Stop by and grab it along with the others!

Next week we'll be learning all about Fall and doing another fun hat!  Check back to see which one we chose :) 

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  1. I love when you teach with a theme for the entire week. It makes things feel so connected and fun. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!


    The Math Maniacc


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