Sunday, September 1, 2013

Classroom Tour

Sorry I have been MIA...this crazy little thing called Back to School has taken over my a serious way!  I have had blog posts in my brain...I haven't had a moment to type them out nor time to take pictures in the midst of the first week of Kindergarten.  I did manage to take pictures of my classroom so I'm going to share those :) Let me preface this reveal by saying last year our Fire Marshall went bananas and we aren't allowed to have any fabric unless it's professionally sprayed with fire retardant, anything 36 inches from the ceiling, anything on the door or anything 5 feet from the door (on the walls).  This makes my classroom not nearly as fun as it once was.  I fully intend to get some curtains sewn and sprayed, but my previous curtains were clearance fabric stapled together and I didn't want to spend 100+ dollars having them sprayed, but I digress....

My famous bulletin board...I think the most viewed post on my little ol' blog.  This year I got smart and bought glittery scrap book paper to cut out Twinkle, Twinkle and laminated the other letters.  I used Chevron Card Stock for the stars.  Kudos to my amazing assistant for taking care of this while I was in a professional development of some sort I'm sure :) 

 See all my junk up there? It was covered at one time.  It will be again some day soon :)

 At the back of the room looking toward the front.

 I broke the rules and posted this outside the door so parents and students could find me at open house.  I'll take it down soon, I promise!

 I use this easel for a magnetic letters center.

 Standing at the front looking at the back.

 Shapes posters from my TpT store :)

I took these right before Open House, these were directions to parents and students. :)

This is what I leave on the desk for Open House.  I like for the parents to fill out that Student Information Form that night in case I need to contact them or update information they've previously turned in.  The brochure comes from freebies in my TpT store.  The treat is Great Value (Walmart) Fruit Smiles...they simply say "Smile! We're going to have a great year in Kindergarten!"  They are reasonably priced, not hard to get ready and who doesn't love a fruit snack?

Well that's pretty much it.  I meant to take a picture of what was in my caddies but clearly I forgot.  I'll work on that.  I currently have 21 energetic Kindergarteners that are learning the rules and procedures of our classroom.  We went to the computer lab and learned to log in, did art projects, and learned all about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Chicka Chicka 123 last week.  I will take some pictures of that stuff next week and post - promise! 

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  1. Love your room it is still so cute! I was just thinking could you cover your stuff with wall paper or wrapping paper instead of fabric?

    Clearly Kindergarten

  2. No paper either ;( Our Fire Marshall is brutal!!

  3. Looks like a great classroom! Thanks for sharing so many pictures.

    The Math Maniac

  4. Same here! Our fire Marshall sucks! I can't put stuff on my door either. I'm like...for as long as I've been in school teachers always decorated their door!


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