Monday, September 30, 2013

More Guided Reading

I posted last week about some of the things we do in our Guided Reading Groups.  I promised a few more pictures this week, so I am back to deliver.

We started again with practicing our names with correct formation.  I am starting to see this transfer over to our regular papers, but some of them are still resistant to change.

Today we read a new book - a Level 1 book called Things I See.  I chose this book because I wanted to focus in on the word see.  It is one of our spelling words this week and it is one of the first sight words I like to teach because I usually teach them to write I see sentences first.

We did our picture walk and I planted the vocabulary for them and then I had them read with their whisper phones.  I love the whisper phones!  I am able to listen in to see if they have grasped the patterns but they don't disturb each other while they are reading.

This group is working on pointing one - to - one, so I pulled out my "old lady fingers" to give them something fun to point with.  (They are witch fingers, but I don't like to say that just in case someone doesn't believe in it.  These came from Oriental Trading, but now is a great time to get them anywhere.)

 Last week I mentioned sight word practice after we finish reading and retelling.  As I mentioned before, our sight word was "see" in this story.  I gave them their letters and asked them if they knew what word we could make with those letters.  They got busy making their word.

Then they write the word on a white board.  I got these lined strips in the Target Dollar Spot this summer.  The pack had 4 for a dollar.  The lines are a little small, so I'm not focused on how the letters are on the lines just yet, but they are a lot smaller and less cumbersome than a regular dry erase board.  I actually just ordered some dry erase circles to stick to the table.

After we finish our sight word, we write a sentence.  This was our first time with any interactive writing.  I chose a sentence similar to our book - "I see a bug."  Our book actually said "I see the bug." but I only wanted to focus on one sight word. 

When we finish writing the sentence, we cut it up and put it back together.  Then they read it to me.


I have every student in the group do this.  Then I put it in an envelope and write the sentence on the front.  I let someone from the group take the sentence home to show their families how to put it back together and read it.  I promised them someone different could take it the next time.  I typically do this twice a week and on the other 2 days we will do some independent writing.  I'll post more on that later. 

I hope these ideas are helpful to you!  Please don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one!

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